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Testicular Implant Cost in India

Testicular Implant Cost in India

Testicular implant cost in India for Indian patients ranges from approximately USD 422 to USD 562. For international patients, the cost is between USD 657 to USD 803.

Exploring Testicular Implant Cost in India

Understanding the expenses involved in testicular implant procedures in India is crucial for patients seeking this treatment option. Here’s an overview of the costs and related information:

Factors Influencing Testicular Implant Cost

Several factors contribute to the total cost of testicular implant treatment. These include the type of facility chosen, the patient’s medical condition, and any additional services required.

Hospital Stay and Recovery Period

Patients typically need to stay in the hospital for two days following the procedure. Subsequently, they may require up to seven days for recovery outside the hospital environment.

Cost Breakdown

The cost breakdown for testicular implant treatment in India includes various components:

  • Procedure Cost: The primary expense covers the actual implant procedure, which ranges from approximately USD 422 to USD 562 for Indian patients and USD 657 to USD 803 for international patients.

Regional Price Variation

Testicular implant costs vary across different cities in India. Tier 1 cities generally have higher expenses compared to tier 2 cities. Here’s a city-wise breakdown of the approximate costs:

New Delhi: USD 365 to USD 571
Gurgaon: USD 376 to USD 563
Noida: USD 351 to USD 585
Chennai: USD 376 to USD 540
Mumbai: USD 386 to USD 571
Bangalore: USD 365 to USD 553
Kolkata: USD 351 to USD 527
Jaipur: USD 327 to USD 523
Mohali: USD 336 to USD 794
Ahmedabad: USD 313 to USD 518
Hyderabad: USD 359 to USD 547

Comparative International Costs

For patients considering medical travel, it’s essential to compare the costs across different countries. Here’s an approximate cost breakdown for testicular implants in select countries:

Malaysia: USD 1168 to USD 1752

Centers for Testicular Implant in India

Several cities in India are known for offering testicular implant procedures. These include:

  • New Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Bangalore


Understanding the cost aspects associated with testicular implant treatment in India helps patients make informed decisions regarding their healthcare journey. It’s essential to consider various factors and choose a reputable facility that meets both medical and financial requirements.