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Understanding Breast Cancer Treatment Costs in India (2023)

Cancer is a condition where certain cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body, takes various forms, one of which is breast cancer. In India, breast cancer is a significant health concern, and understanding the associated treatment costs is crucial for those seeking medical assistance. This blog aims to provide comprehensive information on breast cancer treatment costs in India in 2023.

Treatment Cost Overview:


The cost of breast cancer treatment in India varies based on factors such as the type of treatment, stage of cancer, and the choice between private and government hospitals. The estimated average cost of treating breast cancer in India is approximately INR 6,98,360 (USD 8,761), with costs ranging from INR 85,770 (USD 1,076) to INR 16,46,300 (USD 20,653).


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Treatment Options and Costs:


  1. Lumpectomy: INR 1,56,300 to INR 2,13,800 (USD 2,200 – USD 3,000)
  2. Mastectomy: INR 2,13,800 to INR 3,20,800 (USD 3,000 – USD 4,500)
  3. Radiation Therapy: INR 1,50,000 to INR 5,34,500 (USD 2,000 – USD 7,500)
  4. Chemotherapy: INR 1,63,300 to INR 2,84,000 (USD 2,300 – USD 4,000) per cycle
  5. Targeted Therapy: Around INR 85,400 (USD 1,200)
  6. Immunotherapy: Around INR 1,98,000 (USD 2,759) per session

Top Cities and Costs:

  • Delhi: INR 1173 to INR 22,512 (USD 15 – USD 300)
  • Mumbai: INR 1216 to INR 23,338 (USD 16 – USD 310)
  • Bangalore: INR 1151 to INR 22,099 (USD 15 – USD 295)
  • Chennai: INR 1054 to INR 20,240 (USD 14 – USD 270)
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Top Doctors:

  • Dr. Biswajyoti Hazarika: 17 years of experience
  • Dr. Jyoti Wadhwa: 31 years of experience
  • Dr. S Bhanot: 27 years of experience

Top Hospitals:

  • Global Hospital Mumbai (Parel, Mumbai)
  • Pkc Hospital (Vashi, Navi Mumbai)

Factors Affecting Treatment Costs:

  1. Stage of Cancer: Different stages require varied treatments, impacting overall costs.
  2. Type of Treatment: Each treatment option incurs a different cost.
  3. Location of Treatment: Private hospitals in metropolitan cities generally have higher costs.
  4. Number of Sessions and Cycles: The more sessions required, the higher the cost.
  5. Medicines and Equipment: Medications and advanced equipment contribute to the overall expense.

Pre and Post-Treatment Costs:

  1. Pre-Treatment Costs: Including mammograms, breast ultrasound, biopsy reports, and PET scans.
  2. Post-Treatment Costs: Medication, on-request services, extra consultations, complications management, and follow-up costs.

Comparison with Other Countries: India offers significantly more affordable breast cancer treatment compared to other countries, with costs detailed as follows:

  • Surgery Cost: India: USD 2,200 – USD 4,500, USA: USD 7,600 – USD 17,000
  • Radiation Therapy: India: USD 3,000 – USD 7,500, USA: USD 15,000 – USD 21,000
  • Chemotherapy (per session): India: USD 800 – USD 4,000, USA: USD 5,000 – USD 35,000

Breast Cancer Vaccine Research: Ongoing research on a breast cancer vaccine, conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, aims to prevent triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). While promising, human use approval is several years away.

Conclusion: India emerges as an affordable and viable destination for breast cancer treatment in 2023. Understanding the factors influencing costs and available treatment options empowers individuals in making informed decisions regarding their healthcare journey.

Note: The information provided in this blog is for reference purposes only and may vary based on individual requirements. For accurate rates, please consult relevant healthcare providers.