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Thermana Laško: A Healing Haven Amidst Nature


Welcome to Thermana Laško, an enchanting sanctuary nestled along the Savinja River in Laško, Slovenia. Discover the perfect blend of modern architecture, natural wonders, and healing facilities that make Thermana Laško a haven for rejuvenation.

Exploring Thermana Laško:

Located at Zdraviliška cesta 6, Laško, Slovenia, Thermana Laško is more than just a thermal spa; it’s an oasis of unexpected possibilities. With 1593 views, our offerings extend beyond conventional wellness, promising a unique experience.

Immersive Packages & Services:

At Thermana Laško, we offer services that transcend traditional spa experiences:

  • AYURVEDA: Embrace the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for holistic well-being.
  • AYURVEDA May or September: An exclusive Ayurveda experience tailored for the months of May and September.

Meet Our Expert:

  • Ajith C. S., dr.: Experience top-notch care under the expertise of Dr. Ajith, ensuring your well-being.

Unveiling Thermana’s World:

Thermana Laško comprises two structures – Hotel Thermana Park Laškosuperior and Hotel Zdravilišče Laško with a Modern Medical Center.

Hotel Zdravilišče Laško:

  • Over 165 years of tradition in thermal offers.
  • Modern Medical Center with 50 years of tradition.
  • Specialist clinics and counseling services.

Hotel Thermana Park Laško**superior:

  • 181 modern hotel rooms and 7 hotel suites.
  • Endless relaxation options under one roof.
  • Wellness Spa Centre, Thermal Water Drinking Hall, and Thermana & Veda Ayurveda Centre.

The Essence of Thermana Laško:

Thermana Laško is more than a wellness destination; it’s a place where nature and contemporary amenities coalesce. Our thermal water, sourced from a depth of 160 meters, enriched with calcium, magnesium, sulphate, and bicarbonate, sets us apart. The Laško thermal water’s high calcium content distinguishes it, providing unparalleled benefits.

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Client Feedbacks Speak Volumes:

Our clients share their experiences:

  • RITA G: Praises Thermana Laško as a perfect hotel for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation with direct access to thermal pools.
  • CATERINA BRUNETTO: Describes the structure as excellent, with spacious rooms, impeccable cleanliness, and well-serviced pools.
  • ALESSANDRO BRIVITELLO: Commends the hotel for its excellent COVID-19 measures, with sympathetic and super helpful staff.

Contact Thermana Laško:

Ready to experience the healing touch of Thermana Laško? Connect with us:

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Thermana Laško invites you to embark on a journey where contemporary luxury meets the healing powers of nature. With a legacy of tradition and a commitment to your well-being, Thermana Laško stands as a testament to rejuvenation and vitality. Plan your escape to Thermana Laško for an experience that transcends the ordinary. Contact Us Today!


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