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Revolutionizing Abdominal Cancer Treatment: The HIPEC Surgery Breakthrough


Imagine a medical procedure that offers new hope to those battling abdominal cancer. Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy surgery, commonly known as HIPEC surgery, is a groundbreaking two-step approach that combines surgical precision with the power of chemotherapy. This dynamic duo not only removes cancerous tumors but also eradicates any lingering cancer cells, offering a promising future for patients facing this challenging disease.

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Understanding HIPEC Surgery

HIPEC surgery stands as a beacon of hope for individuals battling abdominal cancer. It involves administering high-dose chemotherapy directly to the lining of the abdominal cavity, where cancer has taken hold. Conventional chemotherapy often struggles when cancer spreads beyond its originating organ, making HIPEC surgery a vital breakthrough in treating these cases.

Cancer Types Tackled by HIPEC Surgery

HIPEC surgery has proven effective in combatting a range of abdominal cancers, including adrenal cancer, appendix cancer, colon and rectal cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, mesothelioma, pancreatic cancer, and peritoneal cancer.

The Two Stages of HIPEC Surgery

HIPEC surgery unfolds in two distinct stages: cytoreductive surgery and the HIPEC procedure itself.

Cytoreductive Surgery: The first stage occurs under anesthesia, during which the surgeon removes cancerous tumors. To ensure no cancer cells remain, a heated liquid containing chemotherapy drugs is carefully applied to the abdomen. We’re committed to connecting you with the finest HIPEC surgeons in India.

HIPEC Procedure: Following the tumor removal, a catheter containing chemotherapy drugs is inserted into the abdomen. These drugs are then pumped into the abdominal cavity via catheters connected to a perfusion machine. This machine warms the chemotherapy drugs, allowing them to circulate throughout the abdomen for two to three hours. Subsequently, your surgeon rinses the abdominal area with a saline solution, further enhancing the procedure’s effectiveness. Our mission is to simplify your HIPEC surgery experience in India by connecting you with the most skilled surgeons.

Recovery Following HIPEC Surgery

Post-surgery, you’ll spend two days in the ICU, receiving specialized care from healthcare professionals. Doctors will closely monitor fluid levels and assess electrolytes and blood glucose. If your blood sugar spikes, insulin will be administered to support wound healing and prevent infections. Pain relief and antibiotics will be provided as needed while you heal from the surgical wounds.

The Advantages of HIPEC Surgery

HIPEC surgery offers several key advantages:

  1. Single Treatment Session: Unlike traditional approaches, which may require multiple sessions, HIPEC surgery is a one-time procedure.
  2. Potent Chemotherapy: High-dose chemotherapy directly targets and destroys cancer cells.
  3. Reduced Side Effects: Since approximately 90% of chemotherapy drugs remain confined to the abdomen, HIPEC surgery minimizes systemic side effects.

Upon returning home, follow-up appointments with your doctor over two weeks will help track your recovery progress. Depending on the extent of your surgery, full recovery typically occurs within four to twelve weeks.

 Your Guide to the Best HIPEC Surgeons in India

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