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Prof. Lee Suk Hwan – Colo-Rectal Surgeon

Expert Colo-Rectal Surgeon: Prof. Lee Suk Hwan’s Remarkable Career

Prof. Lee Suk Hwan, an esteemed Colo-Rectal Surgeon, boasts over two decades of expertise in his field. Based in Seoul, South Korea, he currently serves at Kyung Hee University – Hospital at Gangdong, where his remarkable contributions have garnered widespread acclaim.

Unveiling Prof. Lee Suk Hwan’s Proficiency

With more than 25 years of hands-on experience, Prof. Lee Suk Hwan has emerged as a trailblazer in laparoscopic Colo-rectal surgeries. His proficiency extends to the treatment of various colon and anus-related ailments, earning him a reputation as a leading authority in the medical community.

Professional Engagements and Memberships

Prof. Hwan’s commitment to excellence is evident through his active involvement in esteemed medical societies. He holds esteemed memberships in the European Society of Coloproctology, where he serves on the Global Reach Committee. Additionally, since 2010, he has been an integral part of the Korean Colorectal Cancer Guideline Committee.

Editorial Contributions and Leadership

Acknowledged for his scholarly contributions, Prof. Lee Suk Hwan has served as an editorial member for prestigious journals like JKMS, JACS, Asian Journal of Surgery, and Disease of the Colon and Rectum. Currently, he assumes the pivotal role of editor-in-chief at the Journal of Minimal Invasive Surgery, underscoring his leadership and scholarly prowess.

Specialized Expertise at Kyung Hee University – Hospital at Gangdong

At Kyung Hee University – Hospital at Gangdong, Prof. Lee Suk Hwan’s expertise shines through his focused attention on various areas of specialization. His practice encompasses anal diseases, robotic surgery, rectal cancer, tumor management, colostomy procedures, and laparoscopic interventions.

Academic Background and Contributions

Prof. Lee Suk Hwan’s academic journey reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence. He pursued his Master’s in Physical Therapy (MPTh) and obtained his Medical Doctor (MD) degree from Kyung Hee University. His scholarly pursuits are underscored by numerous published papers, further cementing his position as a distinguished scholar and practitioner.

In essence, Prof. Lee Suk Hwan’s journey exemplifies a blend of academic rigor, clinical excellence, and scholarly leadership. His unwavering dedication to advancing the field of Colo-Rectal Surgery continues to inspire and elevate the standards of medical practice globally.