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Penile Implant Surgery in India with American Inflatable 3 pc Implant (AMS CX)

  • Penile Implant Cost (AMS CX) – 13500 USD
  • Structure -2 Tubes with Button / Reservoir
  • Level of Rigidity – Medium
  • Hospital Stay – 2 Days Stay in India – 14 Days
  • Life of Implant – 15-20 Years



Penile implant surgery is a revolutionary procedure that has transformed the lives of many men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). One such advanced and popular option is the American Inflatable 3 pc Implant, specifically the AMS CX model. With its exceptional features and benefits, this implant has gained recognition among both patients and medical professionals.

The AMS CX penile implant offers a remarkable solution for men who have not found success with other treatments for ED. This state-of-the-art device is designed to provide a natural-looking and functional erection, enabling patients to regain their sexual confidence and intimacy.


Cost of Penile Implant (AMS CX) in India:


One of the significant advantages of choosing penile implant surgery in India is the affordable cost, including the implant itself. The AMS CX penile implant is available at a cost of 13,500 USD, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking a high-quality solution at a reasonable price.


Structure and Features:


The AMS CX penile implant comprises two inflatable tubes, a reservoir, and a control pump. These components work together to simulate a natural erection. The inflatable tubes are inserted into the erectile chambers of the penis, while the reservoir is placed in the lower abdomen. The control pump, typically located in the scrotum, allows the patient to inflate or deflate the implant as desired.

The AMS CX implant distinguishes itself with a button feature on the pump. This button simplifies the operation by allowing patients to activate the implant quickly and effortlessly. The reservoir is also designed to be discreet, ensuring comfort and convenience for the user.

Level of Rigidity:


The AMS CX penile implant provides a medium level of rigidity, striking a balance between firmness for sexual activity and flexibility for comfortable daily wear. This feature ensures that patients can achieve and maintain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse while still allowing for normal movement and positioning.


Penile Implant – Hospital Stay and Recovery:


Typically, the hospital stay for penile implant surgery with the AMS CX implant in India is around two days. During this period, patients receive comprehensive care from skilled medical professionals who specialize in erectile dysfunction treatments. The short hospital stay allows for close monitoring of the patient’s progress and ensures a smooth recovery.

Following the surgery, patients are advised to stay in India for approximately 14 days. This duration allows for proper post-operative care, including follow-up appointments with the surgeon. During this time, patients can also enjoy the rich cultural experiences and attractions that India has to offer.


Life of the Penile Implant:


The AMS CX penile implant boasts an impressive lifespan, with an estimated durability of 15-20 years. This longevity ensures that patients can enjoy a satisfying sex life for an extended period without the need for additional surgeries or replacements. The durable nature of the implant also provides peace of mind, knowing that the solution is reliable and long-lasting.


Choosing Penile Implant Surgery in India:


Opting for penile implant surgery in India, specifically with the American Inflatable 3 pc Implant (AMS CX), presents numerous advantages. From the affordable cost of the procedure to the high-quality implant, patients can benefit from an effective and durable solution for their erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, the expertise of Indian medical professionals and the opportunity to experience the vibrant culture make India an ideal destination for penile implant surgery.

It is important for individuals considering penile implant surgery to consult with their healthcare provider and a qualified surgeon to assess their suitability for the procedure. The surgeon can provide personalized guidance and address any concerns, ensuring that the patient makes an informed decision about their treatment options.

In conclusion, penile implant surgery with the American Inflatable 3 pc Implant (AMS CX) offers a reliable and long-lasting solution for men experiencing

erectile dysfunction. With its medium level of rigidity, discreet design, and affordable cost, the AMS CX implant stands as an excellent choice for individuals seeking to regain their sexual confidence and enhance their quality of life.




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