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Dr. Meet Pritamchand Kumar Appointment Number : (+91 9818560909)

Dr. Meet Pritamchand Kumar: Providing Expert Haematology Care

Dr. Meet Pritamchand Kumar, a distinguished specialist in Haematology with a rich experience of over 16 years, is currently practicing at the prestigious Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurugram. Renowned for his expertise in the field, Dr. Kumar has performed more than 350 successful bone marrow transplants, solidifying his position as a trusted name in the medical community.

With a keen eye for detail, Dr. Kumar has consistently demonstrated his ability to make accurate diagnoses, leading to effective treatment plans for his patients. His remarkable track record in handling complex medical cases speaks volumes about his skills and dedication to his profession. However, what truly sets Dr. Kumar apart is his compassionate approach towards his patients. He understands that dealing with medical issues can be overwhelming, and therefore, ensures that his patients receive not only the best medical care but also the empathy and support they deserve.

To make the process of scheduling an appointment with Dr. Meet Pritamchand Kumar more convenient and efficient, you can contact him directly via his personal appointment number: +91 9818560909. By reaching out to this number, you can connect with his dedicated team of medical experts from HexaHealth, who will prioritize your appointment and assist you in experiencing a hassle-free healthcare journey.

Dr. Kumar’s extensive education and achievements further validate his expertise in Haematology. He completed his MBBS from MP Shah Medical College and Hospital in 2006, followed by an MD in Pathology from Saurashtra University, Gujarat, in 2010. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to excellence, he pursued a DM in Clinical Haematology from West Bengal University of Health and Science in 2015. These educational milestones have equipped him with the latest advancements in his field, enabling him to deliver cutting-edge treatments to his patients.

Dr. Meet Pritamchand Kumar specializes in a wide range of treatments, with a particular focus on Bone Marrow Transplants (BMT). His proficiency in this field has made him an invaluable asset to his patients, offering hope and a chance at a better quality of life to those in need.

If you or a loved one require specialized care in Haematology, Dr. Kumar is the go-to medical professional. His experience, attention to detail, and empathetic approach make him a highly sought-after doctor in his field. Contact Dr. Kumar’s appointment number, +91 9818560909, to secure your consultation and experience top-notch medical care tailored to your individual needs.

Dr. Meet Pritamchand Kumar’s commitment to excellence and patient well-being make him a trusted name in Haematology. With his expertise and compassionate care, you can be assured of receiving the highest standard of treatment and support on your journey to recovery.


Read – Dr. Meet Pritamchand Kumar Appointment Number : (+91 9818560909)