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Bone Marrow Test Price in Bangladesh: An Overview of Costs


Bone marrow tests are vital diagnostic procedures used to examine the health and functionality of bone marrow cells. In Bangladesh, various healthcare facilities offer bone marrow tests to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of certain medical conditions. This article aims to provide an overview of bone marrow test prices in Bangladesh.


Bone Marrow Test Price (বাংলাদেশে অস্থিমজ্জা পরীক্ষার মূল্য) :


| Bone Marrow Test | Price (BDT) |
| Aspiration Cytology | 2,000 (BDT) |
| Trephine Biopsy | 3,000 (BDT) |
| Core Biopsy | 5,000 (BDT) |
| Flow Cytometry | 7,000  (BDT) |
| Bone Marrow Examination| 10,000 (BDT) |

Note: The prices mentioned in the table are subject to change.

Details of Bone Marrow Tests:


1. Aspiration Cytology (অ্যাসপিরেশন সাইটোলজি):

– Price: BDT 2,000
– Aspiration cytology involves the extraction of a small sample of bone marrow cells using a needle. These cells are then examined under a microscope to detect abnormalities, such as infections or cancerous cells.

2. Trephine Biopsy (ট্রেফাইন বায়োপসি):

– Price: BDT 3,000
– Trephine biopsy is a procedure in which a small piece of bone marrow tissue is removed using a hollow needle. This tissue sample is then analyzed to diagnose certain blood disorders, such as leukemia or lymphoma.

3. Core Biopsy (কোর বায়োপসি):

– Price: BDT 5,000
– Core biopsy entails the removal of a larger sample of bone marrow tissue for a more comprehensive analysis. It aids in the evaluation of various bone marrow disorders, including bone marrow failure or myeloproliferative disorders.

4. Flow Cytometry (ফ্লো সাইটোমেট্রি):

– Price: BDT 7,000
– Flow cytometry is a specialized test that examines the characteristics and quantities of different cells within the bone marrow. It assists in diagnosing conditions like lymphomas, leukemias, and immune system disorders.

5. Bone Marrow Examination (অস্থি মজ্জা পরীক্ষা):

– Price: BDT 10,000
– This comprehensive bone marrow examination incorporates multiple diagnostic techniques, including aspiration cytology, trephine biopsy, and flow cytometry. It provides a thorough assessment of the bone marrow, aiding in the identification and monitoring of various disorders.


Understanding the costs associated with bone marrow tests in Bangladesh is essential for patients and healthcare professionals alike. The aforementioned prices for bone marrow tests. It is recommended to consult the healthcare service provider directly  WhatsApp Now!  for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.


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