Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Cost in India: An Affordable Option

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Heart valve replacement surgery is a critical medical procedure that plays a vital role in restoring the health and well-being of patients. India has emerged as a sought-after destination for this surgery due to its cost-effective solutions, advanced medical facilities, and availability of locally manufactured valves. In this article, we will explore the cost of heart valve replacement surgery in India and compare it with other countries.

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Costs in India:

The cost of heart valve replacement surgery in India varies depending on several factors, including the hospital, the experience of doctors, the quality of implants used, and other parameters. The following table provides an overview of the approximate costs in USD and INR for different types of valve replacement surgeries:

Surgery Cost ($) Cost (₹)

1. Heart valve replacement $4000 INR 297,000
2. Aortic Valve Replacement $6300 INR 464,500
3. Mitral Valve Replacement (MVR) $6300 INR 464,500
4. Tricuspid Valve Replacement $6500 INR 482,000
5. Double Valve Replacement $9000 INR 667,000

Affordability of Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India:

Compared to many other countries, heart valve replacement surgery in India is significantly more affordable. The reasons behind this include the presence of excellent cardiac surgical facilities and the availability of domestically manufactured valves. These factors contribute to lower costs without compromising the quality of medical treatment.


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India’s Reputation in Cardiac Surgeries:

India has established itself as a global hub for medical tourism, attracting patients from around the world seeking high-quality treatment at reasonable prices. The country’s expertise extends to various cardiac surgeries, including cardiac bypass, heart valve replacement, and coronary angioplasty bypass grafting (CABG). With a focus on providing exceptional healthcare services, India continues to be a preferred destination for patients seeking heart-related treatments.

Cost Comparison with Other Countries:

To provide a better perspective, here is a comparison of heart valve replacement surgery costs in India and several other countries:

Country Price (USD)

  • India $4000
  • US $134,300
  • Singapore $34,500
  • Israel $55,700
  • Spain $27,400
  • Poland $22,500
  • Mexico $10,600
  • Thailand $21,200
  • Turkey $20,000
  • Malaysia $10,500


For individuals in need of heart valve replacement surgery, India offers an affordable and reliable option. With its world-class medical facilities, experienced healthcare professionals, and lower costs compared to many other countries, India continues to be a leading destination for patients seeking cardiac treatments. The country’s commitment to providing high-quality medical care at reasonable prices makes it an attractive choice for patients from across the globe.


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